Posted: 6/3/2021
Location Negotiable

Reports to Vice President – Technical Services


The PCI Manager – Technical Activities (M-TA) is responsible for the program and project management of PCI Technical Activities relating to the development and dissemination of the existing PCI Body of Knowledge.  As a member of PCI Technical Services, the M-TA supports the core purpose of maintaining and protecting the technical integrity of precast concrete by providing guidance and perspective on major technical issues confronting the industry and working closely with other technical leaders in the Institute in coordinating the Institute's technical activities. Working with established PCI committees, industry consultants, and volunteers, the M-TA will facilitate the development of PCI publications to enhance the PCI Body of Knowledge.  The M-TA will also support the development of presentations and educational content to support the broader use of precast concrete systems. 


PCI Technical Services comprises the Technical, Research and Development, and Codes and Standards programs. Guidance, direction, and support for these programs is provided by the PCI Technical Activities Council, Research and Development Council, and Transportation Activities Council, each of which has a robust committee structure, augmented by PCI staff liaisons and consultants. PCI relies on developing and maintaining the PCI Body of Knowledge (BoK), including appropriate standards, technical manuals, publications, and documents, to establish industry credibility and support our mission to promote the broader use of precast concrete systems.

The PCI Transportation Systems, Architectural Systems, Quality, Marketing, and Education programs also support similar purposes within PCI and have their own councils and committees.  The M-TA will work with other programs and Managers as necessary to coordinate the Institute’s activities related to the BoK and support the advancement of precast concrete.

Specific Position Responsibilities

  • Manage assigned PCI committee activity as a staff liaison to monitor and drive their efforts to advance the PCI BoK. 
    • Prepare documents to reduce need for consultant support.
    • Assist in their communications and activities.
    • Assist with technical editing as it applies to PCI’s BoK.
  • Provide technical direction and project management of consultants for special programs and projects.
  • Support PCI activities to disseminate the BoK to internal and external audiences.
    • Prepare presentations on topics of the PCI BoK to reduce need for consultant support.
    • Prepare publications and articles on topics of the PCI BoK
  • Identify and participate in the activities of other technical institutes, trade associations, government organizations, and other outside allies to support the Institute’s BoK.
    • Industry organization activities may include ACI, ASCE/SEI, ASTM, BSSC, EERI, ICBO, NSPE, NCSEA, and others, as necessary.
  • Respond to inquiries from PCI members, the Industry, and the general public regarding the existing PCI BoK.
  • Evaluate the design impact of state-of-the-art research and resulting implications.
  • Monitor and be involved in new technology and developments.

Common Staff Responsibilities

  • Convention and Committee Days planning
  • Response to issues on behalf of members

Qualifications and Attributes

  • BS in Civil/Structural Engineering or equivalent; MS preferred
  • Registered Professional or Structural Engineer preferred
  • At least 5 years of relevant engineering experience
  • Experience in design of precast concrete structures
  • Experience working directly for a precast producer desired
  • Experience with technical committees of PCI or similar organizations
  • Proven ability to simultaneously manage many diverse projects of varying complexity
  • Track record of completing projects within schedule and budget
  • Demonstrated team playing, team building, and management skills
  • A perceptive and good listener with excellent collaborative interpersonal skills

Terms of Employment

  • Full-time position. PCI is an at-will employer.
  • Location negotiable.
  • Travel when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualified candidates should send their resume to Beth Taylor, CFAO,

Posted: 6/3/2021
Chicago, IL

Reports to Managing Director, Marketing and Education

This position is intended to strengthen the efficacy of PCI's knowledge management activities with a special emphasis on cutting-edge eLearning, digital and education solutions.  The unique candidate can focus well to work alone (internet research, database entries, maintain spreadsheets) and can simultaneously work well with others to coordinate competing deadlines.  

Overall responsibility

Education: Coordination of knowledge management activities, which includes support of the Managing Director, Marketing and Education, Education Manager and the Member Services Manager. Support educational committees’ progress by fulfilling all administrative requests. Support education events by processing registrations, preparing course materials, handling education shipments and reporting continuing education attendance as required. Serves as primary administrator of the PCI eLearning Center. 

Publications: Assists Member Services Manager with ePubs/eBooks and coordinates similar solutions for education textbooks and/or handouts. Serve as back-up for PCI bookstore and shipping 

Key areas of responsibility

Knowledge Management (75%)

  • Manage PCI education department inbox (
  • Maintain all education department files; process registrations; prepare training materials and shipments
  • Education department and committee correspondence (including agendas and minutes) and other education documentation for programs of all education committees (Big Beam competition, Call for Posters, and Educator Awards program, etc)
  • Manage and maintain PCI eLearning Center
  • Manage and maintain PCI Quality Control school registration process
  • Manage and maintain PCI Quality Control school evaluation process
  • Manage and maintain AIA course application and approval process
  • Manage and maintain RCEP, ICC and GBCI provider statuses, course approvals, and attendance uploads
  • Collaborate with industry professors to administer the Big Beam program
  • Other duties as assigned

Publications (20%)

  • Serve as back up for PCI Online Bookstore sales and shipping
  • Other duties as assigned

Administrative Support (5%)

  • Serves as administrative assistant to the Managing Director, Marketing and Education


  • A positive, proactive personality & an approachable team player with superb time-management skills is critical
  • An associate’s degree or higher (in communications, education, or related degree) plus three years related experience.  A combination of varying education and work experience is evaluated for this position.
  • Strong sense of customer/member service required; Association experience is a strong plus
  • Professional, well-developed interpersonal skills are essential for communicating information to management and staff members and projecting a positive image as a representative of the Institute when interfacing with external customers/members
  • Background or experience with online program development or delivery, web-related technologies and/or media skills.  Experience with CEU programs a plus.
  • Ability to handle education packages up to 25-pounds on occasion

Qualified candidates contact: Becky King,