PCI has regional affiliate organizations to assist you in a more localized manner. These organizations provide many services such as:

  • Continuing education - Learn @ Lunch in your office, workshops, and seminars
  • Resources - Many regional affiliates provide newsletters, PCI design resources, etc. 
  • Design assistance - Often a regional director can meet with you, or connect you to the appropriate precaster in your area to assist with design questions, planning, etc.
  • University support - Regional directors are available to provide course information and resources to students and professors.

Select the Region that contains the state you are located in, or that your project is located in. If your state does not have a PCI Regional Affiliate, please contact PCI directly for assistance. 

Florida Prestressed Concrete Association (FPCA)

Chapter (Florida)

Diep Tu, PE, Executive Director

Phone: (407) 758-9966
Email: Diep@myfpca.org
Web: www.myfpca.org

Georgia/Carolinas PCI (GCPCI)

Chapter (Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina)

Marti Harrell, Executive Director

Phone: 317-435-8523
E-mail: marti.harrell@gcpci.org
Web: www.gcpci.org

PCI Mid-Atlantic (PCI-MA)

Chapter (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland & Washington D.C.)

Dawn Decker, Executive Director

Phone: 717-682-1215
E-mail: dawn@pci-ma.org
Web: www.pci-ma.org

PCI Central Region (PCI-C)

Chapter (Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Windsor, ON, Canada)

Matt Ballain, Executive Director

Phone: 317-714-1804
E-mail: matt@pci-central.org
Web: www.pci-central.org

PCI Gulf South (PCI-GS)

Chapter (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama)

Dan Eckenrode, Executive Director

Phone: 228-239-3409
E-mail: pcigulfsouth1@att.net
Web: www.pcigulfsouth.org

PCI of Illinois & Wisconsin (PCI-IW)

Chapter (Illinois and Wisconsin)

Joe Lombard, Executive Director

Phone: 312-505-1858
E-mail: Joe.Lombard@pci-iw.org
Web: www.pci-iw.org

PCI Midwest (PCI-MW)

Chapter (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota & South Dakota)

Mike Johnsrud, PhD, PE, Executive Director

Phone: 612-760-6101
E-mail: mike@pcimidwest.org
Web: www.pcimidwest.org

PCI Mountain States (PCI-MS)

Chapter (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Utah)

James Schneider, Executive Director

Phone: 303-562-8685
Email: jschneider@pcims.org
Web: www.pcims.org

PCI Northeast (PCINE)

Chapter (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and New York)

Sarah Patrie, PE, Executive Director

Phone: 518-769-9518
E-mail: spatrie@pcine.org
Web: www.pcine.org

PCI West (PCI-W)

Chapter (California, Nevada)

Ruth Lehmann, PE, PMP, LEED Green Associate, Executive Director

Phone: 949-420-3638
E-mail: ruth@pciwest.org
Web: www.pci.org/pciwest

Precast Concrete Manufacturer's Association (PCMA)

Partner (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico)

Chris Lechner, Executive Director

Phone: 866-944-7262 (PCMA)
E-mail: Chris@PrecastCMA.org
Web: www.precastcma.org