Changes to MNL 117 and Category AC Mixer Requirements

The Plant Certification Committee recently appointed a task group to review the requirements for the stationary mixer in MNL-117, section, paragraph 2, and for the Category AC Production Capability requirements in Table 1 of the Architectural Certification Program Supplemental Requirements. The task group recommended that:

  1. Section of MNL 117 be clarified during a future revision of MNL-117. In the meantime, an addendum should be adopted to clarify these requirements.
  2. The addendum should state that truck mixing is allowed for face mixtures provided that certain specified requirements are met:
  3. Truck mixing of concrete face mixtures for category AC should be permitted provided these requirements are satisfied

The task group’s recommendations were approved by the Plant Certification Committee during their meeting at the 2021 Convention and by the Quality Activities Council in June 2021.

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Changes to Policy 20 (PCI Plant Certification Program)

At its June meeting, the PCI Board of Directors approved a series of changes to PCI’s Plant Certification Program; these changes fell generally into three categories:

  1. Incorporation of the planned changes for the Architectural Certification Program
  2. Changes to the financial aspects of the program;

Ongoing maintenance of the standard, including changes required in accordance with our IAS accreditation or those being made in response to issues that have arisen since the last revision of Policy 20 was approved.

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Changes to Policy 28 (PCI Quality Personnel Certification Program)

At its September 2020 meeting, the PCI Board of Directors approved a series of changes to PCI’s Quality Personnel Certification Program (Policy 28). These revisions fell generally into one of three categories:

  1. Revisions to address cheating and fraudulent acts - These include a prohibition of such actions, potential consequences for those actions, and due process considerations in the event of appeals of certification decisions.
  2. General reorganization of the document - Requirements common to all programs were moved to a new General Requirements section (28.4). The information for Proctors and Examiners was removed from the individual programs and placed in a new section (28.12). The QC Level I, II and III programs were placed in separate sections, for ease of reference.
  3. General maintenance - There were a few items that needed clarification, updating or correction.

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Changes to Policy 29 (PCI Erector Certification Program)

At its June meeting, the PCI Board of Directors approved a change to PCI’s Erector Certification Program requiring that all certified erectors have at least one employee who is currently certified as a Certified Field Auditor (CFA) or is currently registered for a CFA training class and is certified by the next company audit. Previously, only applicant erector companies were required to have a CFA on staff or registered for the class to be eligible for certification. This requirement has now been extended to existing certified erectors.