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Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles - Chapter 20, Bridge Design Manual, Sept. 2004, 1st Edition (BM-20)

This publication was first printed in the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Bridge Design Manual, MNL-133, as Chapter 20, Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles. It is reprinted in this form as a convenience for designers and others with an interest in precast, prestressed concrete... Details

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Curved Precast Concrete Bridges State-of-the-Art Report, 2012, 1st Edition, (CB-01-12)

Addresses how to build curved structures with corded & curved precast prestressed concrete... Details

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Recommended Practice for Lateral Stability of Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders (CB-02-16)

This is a new comprehensive methodology to analyze the lateral stability of long slender bridge girders. Technology has enabled the manufacture of increasingly longer girders. Slender girders present a lateral stability concern. Each stage of a girder’s transition from the casting bed to its final location in the bridge is considered. These conditions include when... Details

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Architectural Precast Concrete Color and Texture Selection Guide, 2nd Edition (CTG-10)

The Architectural Precast Concrete - Color and Texture Selection Guide is a visual guide to assist architects in the initial selection of color &texture for architectural precast concrete. This includes nine new color pages with two new colors per page, two pages of new form liners, & one page of new clay brick-faced precast. The guide is an extension of the information included in... Details

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Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Products, 2nd Edition EBOOK (MNL-13009E)

This 104-page publication presents the latest information on the planning, design, manufacture and installation of GFRC panels. It also includes the revised 11-page AIA MasterSpec. This specification may be used for development of an office master specification or the specification for a particular project using glass fiber reinforced concrete... Details

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Precast Concrete Buildings in Seismic Areas HARD COPY (fib-78-16H)

This document has a broad scope and is not focused on design issues. Precast construction under seismic conditions is treated as a whole. The main principles of seismic design of different structural systems, their behavior and their construction techniques are presented through rules, construction steps and sequences, procedures, and details that should lead to precast structures built in seismic areas... Details

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Precast Insulated Sandwich Panels (FIB-84-17)

PCI and the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) has published their second joint publication titled Precast Insulated Sandwich Panels (FIB-84-17) which was created by fib Task Group 6.11. This document is a result of close cooperation with fib.

Nowadays, sandwich panels have reached the highest standards of functional performance and aesthetic appeal. In building construction, these sandwich panel... Details

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Sustainability of Precast Structures (FIB-88-19)

This Bulletin 88 is a joint publication between PCI and fib.

Experts from many parts of the world contributed to this Bulletin 88 which gives the document a broad overview of sustainability sensibilities across different continents.

Bulletin 88 starts with a description of the importance of environmental concepts and developments in the world today and the reason why sustainability is a crucial concept that ... Details

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Innovation By Design: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cladding (GFRC-3-02)

Four-color publication discusses what is GFRC, production techniques and available choices of color, form and texture. Applications and advantages of GFRC, along with its use in rehabilitation and renovation projects are also presented. The brochure presents guidelines for effective use of GFRC.... Details

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The State of the Art of Precast/Prestressed Integral Bridges, 2001

1st Edition (IB-01)