Full NameTitleWorkPhoneEmail Link
Mr. David AniansCoordinator, Education & Publications(312) 583-6775Email David
Mr. Tom BagsarianManager, Editorial Content(312) 428-4945Email Tom
Mr. Roger J. Becker, SE, PE, FPCIVice President, Technical Services(312) 360-3213Email Roger
Ms. Laura BedollaAdministrative Assistant, Technical Services(312) 360-3218Email Laura
Ms. K. Michelle BurgessManaging Editor, PCI Journal(312) 786-0300Email K. Michelle
Ms. Nikole ClowCoordinator, Marketing(312) 360-3202Email Nikole
Mr. Royce CovingtonManager, Bookstore & Shipping/Receiving(312) 428-4946Email Royce
Ms. Brenda DavisSenior Staff Accountant(312) 360-3211Email Brenda
Mr. Walt FurieSenior Specialist, Production(312) 583-6772Email Walt
Mr. R. Jon Grafton, PEngDirector, Operations Services(312) 428-4947Email R. Jon
Ms. Bronwyn HortonAdministrative Assistant(312) 583-6779Email Bronwyn
Mr. Christopher HurstMembership Project Manager(312) 360-3203Email Christopher
Mr. Cody Kauhl, M.M.Web Developer(312) 583-6778Email Cody
Mr. Mike Kesselmayer, PEManaging Director, Quality Programs(312) 583-6770Email Mike
Ms. Becky KingManager, Marketing(312) 360-3201Email Becky
Mr. Jason J. Krohn, PE, SECB, CAEManaging Director, Technical Activities(312) 583-6771Email Jason
Mr. Ken Kwilinski, BFA,CQA,L1Coordinator, Quality Management Systems(312) 428-4944Email Ken
Ms. Megan Lanning, CMPSr. Manager, Events(312) 583-6781Email Megan
Ms. Carolina LopezPlant Certification(312) 583-6774Email Carolina
Ms. Emily Lorenz, PEDirector, Sustainability and Publications(312) 583-6773Email Emily
Mr. John McConvillController(312) 360-3208Email John
Ms. Sherrie NaudenSenior Manager, Continuing Education(312) 360-3215Email Sherrie
Mr. William Nickas, PEManaging Director, Transportation Systems(312) 583-6776Email William
Mr. Robert J. Risser, PEPresident and CEO(312) 360-3204Email Robert
Ms. lisa scaccoManager, Publications(312) 583-6782Email lisa
Ms. Arelys SchaedlerExecutive Assistant(312) 583-6783Email Arelys
Ms. Edith Smith, PEManager, Codes and Standards(312) 360-3219Email Edith
Mr. Michael SmithSenior Manager, Business Intelligence(312) 786-0300Email Michael
Ms. Amy Stanton, MA, PhD (ABD) Ad+PRManaging Director, Market Development(312) 360-3216Email Amy
Ms. Beth TaylorChief Financial and Administrative Officer(312) 583-6780Email Beth
Mr. Donn Thompson, AIA, LEED AP BD+CDirector, Architectural Precast Systems(312) 428-4940Email Donn
Ms. Nancy TurnerProgram Manager, Transportation Systems(312) 873-3590Email Nancy
Ms. Trice TurnerBusiness Development Manager(312) 583-6784Email Trice
Ms. Cindi WardCoordinator, Reception & Data Support(312) 360-3214Email Cindi