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Specification for Fire Resistance of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Hard Copy (PCI-124-18)

This document is the first PCI standard developed through an ANSI-accredited consensus process. It specifies requirements for the design of precast and precast, prestressed concrete elements to resist fire and provide fire protection. For the purposes of this standard, “precast concrete element” shall mean a plant-cast concrete member reinforced with... Details

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Specification For Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Panels (PCI-128-19)

Specification for Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Panels This standard provides minimum requirements for the design, manufacture, and installation of glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels, fabricated with or without panel frames, using the spray-up process or the premix process. This standard includes minimum requirements for GFRC panels manufactured using the premix process in controlled... Details