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Guide on 3-D Printed Molds for Precast Concrete
Guide on 3-D Printed Molds for Precast Concrete (PCI-ORNL-01-21)

This publication provides essential background information and guidance on using three-dimensional (3-D) printed molds to fabricate precast concrete. Their advantages, requirements, applicability, and implementation are discussed, and a detailed case study shows how 3-D printed molds were used to produce precast concrete façade components for an actual construction project. The guide is an outcome of a... Details

Guidelines For Use Of Self-Consolidating Concrete
Guidelines For The Use Of Self-Consolidating Concrete In Precast/Prestressed Concrete, 2nd Edition (TR-6-15)

The guidelines have been updated to incorporate developments that have taken place since 2003. The term “interim” has been removed from the title in recognition that these guidelines represent current recommended practice of using SCC in the precast/prestressed concrete industry. These guidelines address the use of SCC in precast, prestressed concrete manufacturing... Details

Guide for Curved, Spliced Precast U-Beam Bridges
Guide Document for the Design of Curved, Spliced Precast Concrete U-Beam Bridges HARD COPY (CB-03-20H)

The Guide Document for the Design of Curved, Spliced Precast Concrete U-Beam Bridges has been developed as a resource for bridge engineers. In nine chapters, the guide documents the advancement of this bridge technology. This technology, which originated and progressed initially in Colorado over approximately 20 years, has evolved... Details

CTG10 - Architectural Precast Concrete Color & Texture Guide
Architectural Precast Concrete Color and Texture Selection Guide, 2nd Edition (CTG-10)

The Architectural Precast Concrete - Color and Texture Selection Guide is a visual guide to assist architects in the initial selection of color &texture for architectural precast concrete. This includes nine new color pages with two new colors per page, two pages of new form liners, & one page of new clay brick-faced precast. The guide is an extension of the information included in... Details

Guidelines for the Use of UHPC in Precast Concrete
Guidelines for the Use of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) in Precast and Prestressed Concrete HARD COPY (TR-9-22)

Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a high-strength, high-durability composite material consisting of a cementitious matrix with high-performance-fiber reinforcement. This publication provides a practical guide for the development and qualification of UHPC mixtures based on locally available materials. It presents ... Details

CB-02 Lateral Stability Precast Concrete Bridge Girders
Recommended Practice for Lateral Stability of Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders (CB-02-16)

This is a new comprehensive methodology to analyze the lateral stability of long slender bridge girders. Technology has enabled the manufacture of increasingly longer girders. Slender girders present a lateral stability concern. Each stage of a girder’s transition from the casting bed to its final location in the bridge is considered. These conditions include when... Details