PCI proctors are integral to the integrity of the PCI certification exam process. As such, it is important that they meet certain qualifications, be approved by PCI, and follow documented procedures to administer proctored examinations.

The Proctor’s Responsibilities

Proctors must supervise the exam process in accordance with PCI requirements, to prevent and monitor for fraudulent examination practices. Details on these requirements are provided in the PCI Proctor Instructions.

  • The proctor must be a registered professional engineer.
  • The proctor must not be related personally or professionally to the certification candidate.
  • The proctor must not have a current business relationship with the certification candi­date (for example, the proctor cannot be the engineer of record for a job the certifica­tion candidate is currently working on).
  • The proctor must not work for the same employer as the certification candidate or work for any affiliates of the same company or organization.
  • Government organizations that are able to demonstrate an adequate separation of organizational structure between the proctor and the examinee(s) may petition a waiver of the previous two requirements by submitting the Proctored Exam Waiver Request for Government Organizations to QualityPrograms@pci.org.

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How to Become a Proctor

PCI proctors must meet the Criteria to Become an Approved Proctor. Individuals can apply to be PCI-approved proctors on their own or can be proposed by a candidate during certification exam registration.

Applying to Become a Proctor

  1. Log in to the PCI website. If you are not registered on the website, you will need to create an account.
  2. Once on the Proctor Registration page, provide all requested information; read and complete the Agreement to Administer PCI Examinations. Click Save.
  3. PCI will review the request and, if approved, will add you to the list of approved proctors. If additional information is required, PCI will contact you.
  4. Allow one week after all information has been submitted for PCI to process your information and add your name to the approved proctor list.

Examinee Request to Use a New Proctor

  1. To use a proctor not already listed, the requesting party must submit a New Proctor request to PCI. Click on the ‘Proctored Exam Request’ tile near the bottom of the Certification Dashboard, then click on the "New Proctor Information" button to begin this process.
    • The requesting party will not be able to select the proctor and complete the examination registration process until such time as the new proctor has completed the approval process and been added to this list.
  2. Enter the New Proctor’s Information. All information must be provided.
    • The requesting party, the proposed new proctor and the examinee will receive a confirmation email that the proctor’s information has been submitted to PCI.
  3. The new proctor will click the Proctor Registration button in the confirmation email received to complete the registration process.
    • The proposed new proctor will need to submit a Proctor Agreement to PCI for review and approval.
    • Proctors must meet the criteria to become an approved proctor.
    • All new proctors must provide all requested information, then read and complete the Agreement to Administer PCI Examinations, before clicking ‘Save’.
  4. PCI will review the request and, if approved, will add the individual to the list of approved proctors. If additional information is required, PCI will contact the individual.
  5. Allow one week for PCI to process the proctor’s information and add the proctor to the list after all information has been submitted. The approval process may delay the administration of examinations.
  6. PCI will notify the certification candidate when the proposed proctor is approved. Once the confirmation email is received from PCI, the new proctor will appear in the list of approved proctors, allowing completion of the examination registration process.

Proctor Fees

Proctors may charge a fee for the administration of the PCI certification exam. The proctor fee is separate from the fees payable to PCI. PCI does not set these proctor fees. The proctor fees are determined between the candidate and the proctor. This fee is payable directly to the proctor by the candidate.