Precast, prestressed concrete pilings are often the preferred choice for permanent, durable, and economical foundations - especially in marine or bridge environments - due to their excellent adaptability and resistance to corrosion. Piles can be spliced together to create longer piles. They are used primarily where longer piles are required but transportation needs make the longer lengths more difficult or costly to handle due to escort needs and the need for specialized rigs.

Typical sizes: 10 to 36 in. for building projects; larger for bridges.
Typical shapes: 18-in.-square (the most common), plus octagonal and round (cylindrical) in sizes as needed. Larger sizes may have a void cast into them to save on the volume of concrete.
Finishes: They are cast in a horizontal position, with an as-cast finish and rotated to their final position at the jobsite by the erection crew.

Piles in the yard

Pile installation