Title: Impact of shear connectors on composite action in full-depth precast concrete bridge systems
Date Published: May - June 2022
Volume: 67
Issue: 3
Page Numbers: 71 - 87
Authors: Reem S. Hadeed and Mohsen A. Issa

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This theoretical research used the finite element method to model full-depth precast concrete deck slabs. It examined the effects of pocket spacing and number of shear studs per pocket. Results indicat­ed that horizontal shear strength increases with the number of pockets in both supported and continu­ous-span models. Load–deflection curves and slippage values were recorded and compared with experimental tests, confirming that pocket spacing is an important factor and that the number of studs and their config­uration affects the load for slippage induction. The parametric study evaluated effects of shear connector sizes and various numbers of shear studs for distances of 24 and 48 in. (609.6 and 1219.2 mm) between shear pockets for simply supported bridges; however, there is a need for experimental evaluation of shear connector performance on design.