Since its founding in 1954, PCI has developed, maintained and disseminated the body of knowledge for the precast and prestressed concrete structures industry, and hence created and maintained many industry standards. Many of these standards, which are used by PCI, its members, and the design community, have been in place for over 50 years.

PCI has a full-time, licensed, professional engineering staff that provides administrative oversight and support to help manage and keep records of the standards activities. You can read more about the procedures for developing, approving, and maintaining PCI standards by reading our document titled, "Procedures for the Development, Approval, and Maintenance of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Standards", or to get a high level overview of this process refer to the PCI Standards Development flow chart.


ANSI Logo In March 2014, PCI was accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an accredited ANSI Standards Developer. With the accreditation, PCI's voluntary consensus standards relative to the design, detailing, fabrication, transportation, and erection of precast and prestressed concrete became formally recognized. 

With this accreditation PCI is able to broaden and strengthen some of the already existing PCI standards and subject them to a thorough review and evaluation by the PCI Standards Committee as they go through the process of becoming ANSI Standards. Once approved, these standards will be recognized by ANSI as a guiding national standard for the precast concrete structures industry. The ANSI essential requirements can be found by clicking here.

PCI continues to broaden the membership base of its American National Standards consensus body and is interested in new members in all membership categories to participate in new standards in quality control, fire resistance design, tolerances, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), and other important topics. Of particular interest is membership from the producer, user, and general interest communities. 

Each individual seeking membership on the Standards Committee shall submit a written request to PCI indicating his/her interest in the work of the Standards Committee and his/her qualifications, willingness to participate, and affiliations that might affect his/her classification. Each applicant shall identify his/her interest category. Membership on the PCI Standards Committee is open to all directly and indirectly affected parties subject to the selection procedure set forth in PCI's operating procedures. Please submit all written requests of interest to standards@pci.org

No current standards are available for public comment.