Specification For Fire Resistance, 1st Edition
Specification For Fire Resistance, 1st Edition
Specification for Fire Resistance of Precast/Prestressed Concrete Hard Copy (PCI-124-18)

This document is the first PCI standard developed through an ANSI-accredited consensus process. It specifies requirements for the design of precast and precast, prestressed concrete elements to resist fire and provide fire protection. For the purposes of this standard, “precast concrete element” shall mean a plant-cast concrete member reinforced with any combination of nonprestressed deformed reinforcement or prestressed strand. This standard provides acceptable methods to determine the fire resistance of precast concrete structural elements, including walls, floor and roof slabs, beams, and columns. The fire exposure and applicable end-point criteria of ASTM E119 shall be used in the application of these methods for design.

PCI 124-18 is currently adopted by the 2021 International Building Code.
This standard has been updated to PCI 124-23, Fire Standard, 2nd Edition

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