MNL137 - Evaluation & Repair of Precast Bridges 1st Ed.

MNL137 - Evaluation & Repair of Precast Bridges 1st Ed.
Manual for the Evaluation and Repair of Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Products, 1st Edition (MNL-137-06)

Including: Imperfections or Damage Occuring During Production, Handling, Transportation, & Erection. Manual on repair of damage to or non-conformances in bridge products. Precasters are encouraged to purchase copies to supply to their local agencies & specifiers. The manual contains diagrams of the various types of cracks, chips, voids, missing bars, etc. that occur from time to time in manufacture. Each type of occurrence is evaluated for cause, prevention, engineering effect, and repair consideration. Chapters include information on "standard" repair procedures that define methods to repair damage & defects and methods of patching and epoxy injection.

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