Title: Shear transfer in bolted precast concrete column connections
Date Published: January - February 2024
Volume: 69
Issue: 1
Page Numbers: 58 - 72
Authors: Jaakko Yrjölä and Jan Bujnak

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Shear transfer through bolted precast concrete column connections is not a widely studied topic. The current design method is based on the standards for steel structures, and the developers adjusted it to conform with previous shear test results. The method adjusted for design in the ultimate limit states may not be suitable for assessing performance in the serviceability limit states, where the maximum shear force is limited either based on unallowed deformations or displacement. This paper assesses the suitability of the current design method for evaluating the maximum shear force in the serviceability limit states. When the authors applied the current method with load and safety factors usable in the serviceability limit states and compared the analytical results against the experimental data, they concluded that adjustments to existing design methods are needed. Improvements for design in the serviceability limit states are proposed.