Title: Load-carrying capacity of composite precast concrete sandwich panels with diagonal fiber-reinforced-polymer bar connectors
Date Published: July-August 2017
Volume: 62
Issue: 4
Page Numbers: 34-44
Author: Ehab Hamed

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The failure modes of composite precast concrete sandwich panels made with diagonal shear connectors made of fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) bar are investigated in this paper. A mathematical model that was previously developed by the author is further enhanced and used for the analysis, which is also compared with test results from the literature. The model accounts for cracking; tension stiffening; nonlinear softening of the concrete in compression; yielding of the steel reinforcement; and rupture, crushing, and buckling of the FRP diagonal bars. A parametric study investigates key parameters in the design of concrete sandwich panels, including the diameter of the diagonal FRP bars, the reinforcement ratio in the wythes, and the grade of concrete. The results explain the structural behavior of concrete sandwich panels and provide recommendations and a basis for their design.


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