Title: Load Testing of a Precast Concrete Double-Tee Flange Connector
Date: May-June, 2004
Volume: 49
Issue: 3
Page number: 84-94
Author(s): A. Fattah Shaikh, Eric P. Feile

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The performance of precast concrete connections during seismic events is of particular concern to structural engineers. This article presents the results of tests conducted on the IV! Vector Connector, a commercially available shear connector designed for use between precast concrete elements such as double-tee flanges. Twenty-nine tests were conducted, simulating forces likely to occur under service conditions: monotonic and cyclic horizontal shear force, monotonic and cyclic horizontal shear force with applied tension, monotonic tension-only force, and monotonic vertical shear force. Load and deformation behavior was recorded for each test to support the evaluation of connector strength and ductility. Results showed good consistency between identical tests and with the results of a similar  investigation carried out by Oliva. Discussion of test results and recommendations for future flange connector research are presented.


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