Title: Ductile Connectors for a Precast Concrete Frame
Date: September-October, 1994
Volume: 39
Issue: 5
Page number: 46-59
Author(s): Suzanne Dow Nakaki, Robert E. Englekirk, Juergen L. Plaehn

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A precast concrete ductile frame system is presented that takes advantage of the inherent discrete nature of precast concrete by providing ductile links in the connections. These ductile connectors contain  a rod that yields at a welldefined strength, effectively limiting the load that can be transferred to less ductile components of the frame. The ductile connectors also transfer all vertical shear forces,  eliminating the need for corbels. High strength [150 ksi (1 034 MPa)] reinforcing steel is used in the beams to reduce congestion. A building designed for Uniform  Building Code Seismic Zone 2A is presented;however, the system is versatile and can be used in all seismic zones. 


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