Proj Overview


Designing and constructing medical office buildings can be challenging, with their combination of unique structural conditions and the aesthetic requirements of the community. In Hudson, Wis., a group of forward-thinking physicians saw the need to consolidate a variety of medical services into one location that is operationally efficient and patient-centered.

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When the original plan for a steel structure could not meet the required deadline, the project team determined that a total–precast concrete system would enable the owner to relocate before their current lease expired.


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Project Team


Amcon Construction


Hudson Physicians


Amcon Construction


Innovative Structural Solutions PA

Precast Concrete Producer


Precast Concrete Producer (hollow-core slab only)

Molin Concrete Products

Key Project Attributes

  • To accommodate the aggressive schedule, two cranes were on-site to advance the project quickly. Two crews started in the middle and worked their way out, installing nearly 700 precast concrete components.
  • The front of the building is distinguished by a cantilevered canopy and contrasting columns.
  • The long building on a linear site draws patients to the front entrance, and there is a separate walk-out entrance for the rehabilitation physical therapy facility.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Total-precast concrete system used for the project.
  • Precast concrete included three spandrels, 178 architectural insulated wall panels, 32 architectural solid sall panels, 45 structural solid wall panels, 75 beams, 87 columns, 257 double tees, five solid slabs, 412 hollow-core slabs.
  • Formliners were also used to replicate intricate wood patterns.