Proj Overview


The last thing the Austin Proper Hotel & Residences project team wanted was another all-glass building on the Austin, Tex., skyline. So they chose something with more character: a combination of precast concrete and glass. As a result, this new mixed-use building expresses the uniqueness of the city. The design team wanted to do something that expressed [Austin’s] hands-on, wear-and-tear nature.

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Precast concrete was used for the Austin Proper project because it is a robust but flexible material that could be cast in several panel configurations to create alternating patterns on the building.


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Project Team


Handel Architects


The KOR Group


Austin Commercial


Thornton Tomasetti

Precast Concrete Producer

Redondo Manufacturing

PCI-Certified Erector

Derr & Isbell Construction

PCI-Certified Specialty Engineer

Texas Engineering Group

Key Project Attributes

  • A key design challenge in using precast concrete panels for the exterior cladding was minimizing the number of unique panels requiring custom formwork.
  • Architecturally, precast concrete allowed the project’s skin to express its sculptural and textural characteristics, providing more depth and variation.
  • Panel installation took place while the building was going up, reducing construction time.

Project/Precast Scope

  • The 32-story building includes a 244-room hotel with ballrooms, meeting rooms, a heated pool, a poolside restaurant, spa and treatment rooms, and a fitness facility. Above the hotel, floors 12 to 33 feature 99 private residences, with penthouse units on the top six floors.
  • 321 panels totaled 36,970 square feet. Panels ranged from 10 to 16 ft tall and 10 to 18 ft long, with two- and three-window unit openings.
  • The project’s precast concrete and window-wall systems helped it achieve LEED gold and Austin Energy Green Building two-star certifications.
  • The concrete consisted of fine black and gray aggregate stones with a medium sandblast finish and integral colors.