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The ThriveOn parking garage in Milwaukee, WI, is a 6-level, 316-stall structure designed to support the transformation of an adjacent building to meet the evolving needs of the community. This ambitious project, led by the Medical College of Wisconsin, Royal Capital Group, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, involves converting a former department store into apartments, offices, community health programs, and more. The removal of existing parking lots necessitated the construction of this parking deck.

Challenges arose during construction, including the need to demolish a neighboring building and address soil issues. However, the use of prefabrication significantly expedited the deck's construction, countering these delays. The economic benefits of prefabrication made it a practical choice for the developers over traditional construction methods.

Wells played a crucial role from the project's inception, supporting engineering, manufacturing, and erection of the parking structure. Prefabricated concrete components brought notable advantages, such as faster construction and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. The plan to add screening on the exterior further enhances the structure's architectural appeal.

Despite a tight urban site, prefabricated building solutions enabled efficient construction, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. The ThriveOn parking garage stands as a testament to innovative urban development and successful collaboration among key stakeholders, facilitating positive change for the community.


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