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Innovation Park's new parking deck in Wauwatosa, WI, seamlessly blends modern architectural design with sustainability. The 2-story, 633-stall total precast structure was developed by real estate firm Irgens, in conjunction with their corporate office relocation to the expanding business park. This deck serves Irgens and upcoming area buildings.

Spanning 170,000 sq ft across two floors, the parking deck initially used structural steel for the roof but was converted to prefabrication for cost, durability, and installation advantages. Its architectural aesthetic combines prefabricated finishes and painted elements, with a white cement finish in acid etch.

To meet sustainability goals, the deck features a green roof system and solar panels for power, with plans for LEED certification. Innovation Park's parking deck showcases efficient construction practices, sustainable design, and forward-thinking initiatives. Prefabrication and eco-friendly features demonstrate a commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness. It serves as an inspiring model for clients seeking a sustainable, modern presence in a thriving business district.


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