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Redeemer Lutheran Church and School in Madison, Wisconsin, extended their presence with a new 6,500 sq ft gymnasium. Wells played a crucial role by crafting and erecting buff-colored insulated wall panels featuring a textured design comprising acid etch, exposed aggregate, and smooth form finishes. This design showcased a relief where the aggregate was prominently featured, enhancing dimension and visual appeal.

The gymnasium was thoughtfully designed to accommodate future expansions. It incorporates prefabricated columns and a beam framing a large window, which will serve as the gateway to a future stage expansion. Plans for classroom additions adjacent to the gym are also in place, and the prefabricated design ensures easy future expansion possibilities.

Wells, involved from the early stages of design, expertly integrated the architect's vision for the panels and assisted in selecting finishes that seamlessly connected the new construction with the existing structure. Prefabricated building solutions efficiently addressed the gym's tall walls, streamlining the manufacturing process. The structural precast components also doubled as an integral part of the architectural exterior, making the project cost-effective. With Wells' involvement, the client achieved a distinctive architectural aesthetic with various finishes, all while optimizing funds for upcoming upgrades to the church and school.


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