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Green Bay Packaging, headquartered in Green Bay, WI, is a renowned producer of corrugated shipping containers, folding cartons, and coated label products. Over the past decade, Green Bay Packaging, has chosen prefabricated building solutions for numerous expansions.

In their most recent collaboration, Precast was used as architectural insulated wall panels for a 160,000 sq ft addition, aimed at expanding Green Bay Packaging's manufacturing capabilities. This expansion included the incorporation of coated product manufacturing facilities into their existing infrastructure. The expertly designed panels seamlessly matched the aesthetics of the existing building, demonstrating the versatility of prefabrication. This approach offered several notable advantages. Firstly, it facilitated rapid construction, aligning with the project's demanding schedule. Moreover, it allowed the interior panels to remain exposed with a painted finish, meeting project requirements without the need for specialized treatment.

One notable challenge in this project was the necessity to remove and reuse specific wall panels from existing parts of the building. While this added complexity to the field installation process, it represented a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. Typically, in contemporary construction, walls are demolished, but in this case, reusing panels proved to be a more environmentally responsible approach. Every effort was made to maximize the reuse of panels wherever feasible.


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