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A dynamic mixed-use development nestled in the heart of Lincolnwood, IL. This remarkable project has breathed new life into what was once an eyesore – the abandoned Purple Hotel, demolished in 2013. Now, this ambitious endeavor has transformed the landscape into a contemporary multi-use campus, featuring an enticing blend of retail, residential, and recreational spaces.

The first of two buildings offers an array of benefits. On the ground level, you'll find retail spaces, along with two levels of parking boasting 500 convenient spaces. Above, 300 stylish apartments provide comfortable living. Furthermore, the mixed-use building's amenity level offers a host of recreational facilities, including a pool, a welcoming lounge area, a bocce ball court, and even a putting green for residents to enjoy.

But what truly sets District 1860 apart is the second building – a 100% prefabricated marvel, designed to house a well-known nationwide grocery store chain. This unique structure offers multiple functions. The first level houses the grocery store, while the second level features a parking area constructed using prefabricated double tees, accessible through a precast speed ramp. The exterior's architectural cladding includes thin brick, seamlessly blending beauty and functionality. This harmonious fusion of structure and aesthetics perfectly showcases the efficiency and adaptability of precast.

The mixed-use building seamlessly combines precast with traditional construction methods. A prefabricated podium design spans two floors, supporting five levels of stick-built construction above. The podium, starting at ground level, uses double tees, along with beams and columns on the first floor.

The use of prefabricated building solutions has brought immense advantages to District 1860. These elements, manufactured off-site, were swiftly installed, significantly accelerating construction and reducing costs. By choosing prefabrication, the project team harnessed both time and cost savings, bringing this development to life swiftly and economically. The prefabricated podiums offer an added safety advantage by acting as a natural fire barrier between the stick-built structure above and the parking area below, eliminating the need for extra treatments and ensuring strict compliance with safety regulations.

To keep the project moving smoothly and avoid delays, a phased construction approach was employed, allowing construction to continue even as various precast elements were prepared. The general contractor worked on different sections, pouring concrete atop completed phases while simultaneously constructing the apartments above. This synchronized effort ensured the project's rapid progress, with the apartments taking shape alongside the podium installation.

In the end, District 1860 stands as a testament to the prowess of podium design and prefabrication construction methods. It has delivered modern, functional structures within the urban landscape and is now poised to become a vibrant hub where residents can live, shop, and relax amidst the dynamic energy of the surrounding cityscape.


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