Proj Overview


The First District Association dairy cooperative has seen several often overlapping phases of expansion using precast concrete. The same project team has collaborated with FDA for years, incorporating flexibility for planned future additions while conferring with the equipment supplier in these planning efforts, because the total–precast concrete structure sets the stage for the food processes within. To make room for the planned expansion, the facility purchased neighboring residential properties. Dairy operations never ceased during construction, adding the challenge of working in tight quarters.

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The design-build team used a precast concrete system for its robust structural capabilities, thermal envelope, and signature façade to help this dairy co-op meet the demand for its products.


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Project Team


Excel Engineering

Construction Manager



First District Association


Strack Construction

Precast Concrete Producer


Key Project Attributes

  • If the owner is going to expand, one option is to plan to remove, relocate, or reuse designated pieces.
  • The precast concrete walls, floor, and ceilings are free from cracks and are typically finished with a USDA-approved coating for antimicrobial finish.
  • One of the many challenges influencing design decisions was the prominent location in the City of Litchfield, which highlighted its lack of room to expand and its industrial façade.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Three-stage renovation incorporated a total of 229 precast concrete pieces, totaling 20,159 square feet.
  • Phase 1 components included 6-in. vomitory wall, tubs, double seating risers, 4-in. flat slabs, stairs, and 10-in.-thick solid exterior walls panels.
  • Phase 2 and 3 included single seating risers, double seating risers, tubs, slabs, interior vomitory walls, and stairs.
  • In most cases the walls are exposed precast concrete because of the heavy wash-down zones in the dairy facilities