Proj Overview

Project Overview

The Pavilion at Riverwalk, developed by the Lupoli Companies in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is an 80,000-square-foot mixed-use structure that features a 1,200-vehicle precast concrete parking garage with a regulation-size state-of-the-art turf sports field on the top level, full-service conference/event center, waterfront restaurant, outdoor recreational space, and direct access to some of the most iconic and scenic views of the Merrimack River and the locally famed clock tower.

This project is part of the ongoing redevelopment of the former mill buildings that have brought new vitality to this city north of Boston, alongside the scenic Merrimack River and with adjacent connectivity to Interstate 495. 

Following 15 years of growth at the Riverwalk Innovation District, Lupoli Companies, in collaboration with Dailey Precast, LLC, constructed a new sense of place for the community with the Pavilion. Dailey Precast manufactured 323,000 square feet of precast concrete for this forward-thinking, transformative structure. 

Precast Solution
The Pavilion, which serves as the focal point of the Riverwalk Innovation District, was developed to provide a space for tenants and visitors to work and play. The garage's exterior is clad with spandrels cast with pigmented concrete and simple reveals to tie into the surrounding historic campus. The structure features a single grade level, two elevated parking levels, and a regulation-sized football field on the roof/amenities level. The 80,000 square-foot mixed-use building features a mix of retail, restaurant, event space, and corporate offices that create a destination for the community. 

The structural versatility of precast concrete enabled the design team to incorporate a recreational space on top of the parking/mixed-use structure without compromising valuable square footage on the site. The turf field will provide much-needed access to a wide variety of sports such as football, lacrosse, and soccer. Hours of playtime will be donated to local sport teams to promote health activity and access to green space for recreation. The field has an outdoor patio that spills out from the function of the space, as well as an inlaid track that visitors can enjoy. 

The parking garage contains four precast concrete stair towers and one precast elevator core. The design team worked closely with the client to optimize the functionality of each space to streamline circulation and servicing. Careful coordination allowed for direct connections between the commercial pavilion and the parking garage at all building levels, encouraging visitors to explore the entire facility. This was achieved by creating interstitial floor levels in the commercial pavilion with direct access to the elevator and stairwells. 

Dailey Precast collaborated directly with Lupoli Companies to bring their idea of a community-building structure from concept to completion. The project's precast concrete elements were erected in just 49 working days. Utilizing prefabricated concrete components for this project minimized disruption to the busy district and eliminated the need for additional trades on site. 

Precast concrete successfully modernized this historic area with sustainable design elements at the Pavilion, to create a destination supporting local businesses and encouraging the community to enjoy new public spaces.  


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Project Team


Lupoli Development, Lawrence, MA

PCI-Certified Precast Concrete Producer:

Dailey Precast, LLC., Shaftsbury, VT

PCI-Certified Erector: 

Prime Steel Erecting, Billerica, MA


SGA Architects, Boston, MA

Engineer of Record:

McNamara-Salvia, Boston, MA

General Contractor:

Select One Management, LLC., Lawrence, MA 

Key Project Attributes

  • The Pavilion is the focal point of the Riverwalk Innovation District
  • Mixed-use/parking structure that features a regulation-size state-of-the-art turf field on the top level
  • The garage's exterior is clad with spandrels cast with pigmented concrete and simple reveals to tie into the surrounding campus

Project/Precast Scope

  • 323,000 SF of Precast Concrete 
  • 80,000 SF Mixed-use/parking structure
  • 1,200 vehicle parking garage
  • Four precast concrete stair towers and one elevator core