Proj Overview

North Scott Community School District and the City of Eldridge, Iowa partnered to create a new fitness center. The center is now home to the North Scott swim team and is a resource for the entire community. Legat Architects designed the facility to include a lobby, gym, and a natatorium complete with a competition pool, family recreational pool, and kiddie pool. The facility's upper level hosts a weight room, track, and a dance/yoga studio.

Due to its many structural and architectural benefits, precast concrete was chosen for this project. Advanced Precast Company manufactured 20,000 square feet of 12” insulated architectural precast concrete wall panels that were used on this 43,500-square-foot project. The 86 wall panels were up to 60 feet tall and weighed 70,000 pounds.

The exterior’s beautiful aesthetic was created via the use of thin brick and a medium sandblast exterior finish. Utilizing thin brick increased production efficiency while achieving a beautiful architectural finish. The medium sandblast finish was chosen to add texture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the thin brick.


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Project Team


Legat Architects


McRae Engineering, Inc.


Conlon Construction


North Scott Community School District


Advanced Precast Company

Precast Specialty Engineer:


PCI Certified Erector:

Cedar Valley Steel

Key Project Attributes

  • Large panels - up to 60' tall and 70,000 pounds
  • Different colored brick with multiple panel finishes
  • Unique panel shapes

Project/Precast Scope

  • 20,000 sf of architectural insulated wall panels
  • 86 precast insulated wall panels (12" thickness)