Proj Overview

In mid-May 2021, Molin Concrete Products Company was asked by Market & Johnson to assist in the project development of the Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Corporate Headquarters. The Molin sales team collaborated with Market & Johnson and Haskell Architects to aid in the selection of an aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and economical building which would support the needs of the owner. Molin produced precast concrete color and texture samples that enabled the architect and owner to make truly informed decisions.

Molin was also asked to collaborate with the design team during the project development process to make sure that all the proper design details were incorporated into the drawings and specifications. Once the construction documents were complete, Molin provided final pricing, a milestone construction schedule and put together an internal project team to insure that the project would be built on time and on budget.

Shop drawings and engineering was done and coordinated with the architect along with a mock up panel to showcase the color, textures and project specific details for the architect and owner. Once shop drawings were approved, Molin finalized shop drawings, provided individual piece drawings to production for the pieces to be manufactured.

The insulated architectural precast wall panels incorporate a white color with multiple finishes to add depth and character to the precast wall panels. One of the finishes selected was an etch finish on the lower portion of the panels and the other was an abrasive blast to add contrast.

In order to make sure that installation was completed safely and on time, Molin’s project manager and field superintendent coordinated site access, crane and trucking logistics, safety and installation plans with Market & Johnson’s project manager and job superintendent throughout the process. Ultimately, 7,000 sf of architectural insulated wall panels were designed, manufactured, and erected by Molin Concrete Products Company for this project.


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Project Team


Haskell Architects


Market & Johnson


Minnesota Rubber and Plastics


Molin Concrete Products Company

Precast Specialty Engineer:

Molin Concrete Products Company

PCI Certified Erector:

Molin Concrete Products Company

Key Project Attributes

  • Brilliant white architectural concrete mix with aggregates selected by architect
  • Multiple finishes with reveals to achieve architectural vision

Project/Precast Scope

  • 7,000 square feet of architectural insulated precast wall panels