Proj Overview


The elevated design and spectacular skyline views of this multi-family complex is phase one of an over $375 million dollar development that will include residential, retail, office, hotel and recreation facilities. The complex sits in a spectacular location on 60 acres of prime waterfront land across from midtown with direct ferry and rail service located on the premises.

In order to meet not only the aggressive schedule but also the large project footprint with three separate towers connected by a single podium, the owners realized that precast was the perfect choice due to its durability, sustainability and versatility. The precaster was able to meet the complexity of the three towers and connection by using a combination of traditional precast and SlenderWall™ precast panels that would not only solve the space constraints for installation, but also the reach/weight limitations of the design using a total of 1,654 panelized units. This project marked the largest deployment of SlenderWall panels in the product's 30-year history.


Precast has become the architectural cladding material of choice to accomplish superior aesthetics, durability and construction economy. SlenderWall's wall system incorporates high-tech PVA fiber and welded wire reinforcement, stainless steel fasteners, heavy-gauge galvanized steel studs, and energy-code compliant closed-cell foam insulation into each architectural precast panel. This enabled the system to address multiple high-performance goals for the project without the need for additional trades or building materials.

The developer, architect, and construction manager agreed on precast concrete panels for the towers, citing these key features for the selection: visually appealing, speed of construction, offsite fabrication to minimize trades on a site of this complexity, durability and resiliency to stand up to strong coastal winds and storms, and energy efficiency to meet new state energy and thermal code requirements. 


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Project Team


Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects


O’Donnell & Naccarato


Katerra Construction


Hartz Mountain Industries

PCI-Certified Precast Producer

Smith-Midland Corporation

PCI-Certified Erector

EE Marr Erectors, Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • One of the highly visible elevations had some large shear walls incorporated into structural frame design, and the designers wanted to enhance the aesthetics of these large walls to help blend them into the surrounding façade
  • Due to the versatility of precast, the precaster was able to develop false window openings using a mixture of depth changes and liners to provide the appearance of depth through a mixture of light and shadows
  • Precast provided the customer/designers the ability to address the variety of special conditions that came with a project of this size

Project/Precast Scope

  • 157,268 SF (1,499 pcs) - SlenderWall Architectural Precast Panels 15,864 SF (155 pcs) - Solid Architectural Precast Panels
  • Architectural precast panels feature a white, acid etched finish