Proj Overview


Parking is an often overlooked, but essential service for every brick-and-mortar establishment. To acquire a Certificate of Occupancy, businesses must have a certain number of parking spaces per square foot of retail, which varies depending on location. Having ample, accessible parking can attract prospective customers, while a lack of available parking can prove detrimental. In the Knox Street neighborhood of Dallas, it is difficult to distinguish between the parking structure and the adjacent flagship store.

Read more about this project in the Summer 2022 issue of Ascent.


The compound was a tight squeeze into the urban neighborhood. With the site constrained by an alley on one side and Cole Street on the other, using a prefabricated precast concrete system was the best fit. GATE Precast coordinated the manufacture and installation of the precast concrete components in an efficient manner to minimize the impact during construction as well as accommodate the unique footprint and site parameters.


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Project Team


RH Architecture & Design


JE Dunn Construction




Jezerinac Geers

Precast Concrete Producer

GATE Precast Company

Precast Specialty Engineer

Texas Engineering Group

PCI-Certified Erector

SnS Erectors

Key Project Attributes

  • The melding of architectural and structural functionality allowed the design team free rein with aesthetic possibilities, such as the integral cornice on the upper level of the structure.
  • The exterior of the precast concrete spandrels received the same plaster as the gallery. The owner wanted the structure to feel like an extension of the store and elevate what a parking structure could be.
  • Decorative fixtures such as the chandeliers on the side of the parking structure required careful coordination with the precast concrete producer to design anchors and embeds. It was important to align those elements with the gallery, so there were some tweaks to slope so that the elevation tracked between both structures.
  • The underside of the double tees were painted white to enhance the brightness of the interior of the structure.

Project/Precast Scope

  • There were 234 pieces of precast concrete components
  • Components included double tees, spandrels, columns, and beams.