Proj Overview

The Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital – Lincoln Campus Expansion and Renovation project includes an approximately 110,000 SF addition. The expansion is made up of three levels with food service, supporting office spaces, a mechanical area, and storage facilities located on the main level. Madonna’s new main entrance boasts a modern design with easy access for visitors, patients, and employees.

Patient rooms and support for them occupy Levels 100 and 200. Using feedback from former Madonna patients and current Madonna staff, Davis Design and Sampson Construction specifically designed this new space with patient safety in mind. Each 371-square-foot patient room has more space for equipment near each bed, seamless transitions between surfaces, and a zero-grade threshold shower.

Hybrid steel and precast construction define the upper floors and roof structures while metal stud framing with composite aluminum panels and brick veneer highlight the building exterior. The need to match existing floor-to-floor heights in certain areas of the building was met through the use of a hybrid construction system. This system is made up of shallow steel beams and columns that are paired with approximately 98,600 SF of 8” hollowcore planks and complete with a 3” concrete topping. The design of the floor system also compensated for the need to maintain low floor-to-floor heights due to a limited overall building height allowance.

About 6,800 SF of 10” solid precast wall panels serve not only as stair and elevator enclosures, but also as the primary shear walls for the addition. The structural solid precast concrete panels are a structural grey concrete with a standard form finish. They are part of a wall system that includes exterior applied insulation, a furring system, and composite aluminum panels with field-installed face brick.


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Project Team

Architect and Engineer

Davis Design


Sampson Construction


Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital


Concrete Industries, Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • Utilization of a hybrid construction consisting of a pre-fabricated, shallow steel beam and column along with 8” hollowcore planks with 3” concrete topping met the need to match existing floor-to-floor heights in certain locations of the building.
  • Similarly, the described floor system also contributed to the need to maintain low floor-to-floor heights due to a limited overall building height allowance.
  • Composite system was a best fit for low framing depths and for fire ratings required in the healthcare environment as well as offered great sound and vibration control
  • A relatively “flat” bottom of structure allowed for a flexibility in the installation of HVAC and electrical systems.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 8” hollowcore (approx. 98,600 SF) for floor and roof structure
  • 10” solid wall panels for stair and elevator surrounds (4 loc’ns, approx. 6,800 SF)