Proj Overview

The City of Portland, Maine continues to evolve with projects like 86 Newbury Street infilling the East End. The mixed-use development takes up most of the block bordered by Fore, Newbury, Hancock and Mounfort Streets.

The development project includes a new Cambia Suites Hotel and offices for more than 1,500 employees as well as reconstruction of the Shipyard Brewery. The project also includes 10 residential units in three buildings and four Levels of parking with 372 spaces.

The project team consisted of Archetype Architects, Allied Cook Construction, Veitas and Veitas Engineers. Strescon Limited got involved during preliminary stages for design assist with the complex parking structure. Working with precast specialty engineer, Becker Structural Engineers (now Thornton Tomasetti), the design for the precast concrete and steel hybrid garage came into focus.

The site was a challenge, squeezed in between the existing Shipyard Brewery on one side and the new Cambria hotel and office building on the others. With the main entrance off of Hancock Street, another requirement was that the first level provide 15-feet clear access for fully loaded trucks and trailers.

Lite walls and shear walls along with exterior spandrels support the pre-topped double tees for the floors. At the roof level NEXT beams (New England Extreme Tee) were used. This allowed Strescon to provide a column-free 57-feet clear span below, facilitating an efficient parking layout as well as providing load capability to carry the additional three levels of hotel above.

Due to the discovery of poor soil conditions, the garage foundations were re-designed which delayed the schedule. When the site was finally ready, Strescon worked with American Steel and Precast Erectors for the installation. The 407 elements were trucked from Strescon’s plant in Saint John, New Brunswick and quickly installed. The garage installation was completed in the Spring of 2020 to allow construction of the hotel and office building.

The four levels of parking with 372 spaces are hidden, wrapped on three sides by the remaining development project. Along Fore Street with a view of the harbor, the building is clad in glass for a contemporary feel. The office building on Hancock Street complements the area with a traditional brick façade with punched openings integrating the varied uses into the historic neighborhood.


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Project Team


Strescon Limited, Saint John NB Canada


Bateman Partners, LLC, Portland, ME


Archetype Architects, Portland, ME


 Veitas and Veitas Engineering, Braintree, MA


 Allied Cook Construction, Portland, ME

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Strescon Limited 


Key Project Attributes

Precast Elements: 407 precast components, NEXT beams (roof level)

Precast double tees, lite walls, shear walls

Project/Precast Scope

Sq. Footage: 211,000 sf
372 spaces / four levels of parking