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The North Central College STEM Science Facility, situated in downtown Naperville, Illinois, represents a remarkable achievement in the realm of educational infrastructure. This 139,000 square foot, four-story building is a testament to innovative construction techniques and sustainable design. Precast produced by Dukane, this facility combines structural excellence with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Unique Structural Features: The heart of this project lies in its pioneering use of a total-precast concrete structural framing system. Dukane, alongside its PCI Certified Erector, overcame numerous challenges to complete the installation of over 270 precast components, including 50-foot-long double tees and 60-foot-tall columns, in a tight logistical site. This feat of construction was accomplished within a remarkable 15-day timeframe, expediting the entire construction schedule.

Aesthetic Excellence: The exterior of the STEM Science Facility boasts steel form finish wall panels with a ribbed formliner pattern, highlighted by a ½-inch deep reveal. One of the standout architectural features is the custom-designed "eyebrow," created using a single stem from a double tee piece. This unique design element adds artistic appeal and contributes to the building's distinctive character.

Educational Excellence: North Central College's commitment to excellence in education is reflected in this STEM Science Facility. It consolidates several academic departments into a single location, providing 18 teaching labs, 16 research labs, and 15 instructional classrooms spanning various disciplines including biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience, physics, psychology, computer science, and mathematics. The facility also includes an auditorium for large group lectures and 19 collaboration spaces that promote teamwork and faculty-student interaction.

Meeting Deadlines with Lean Planning: One of the project's significant challenges was the need to accelerate the construction schedule by six weeks to accommodate the college's spring semester.

hrough the collaboration between Dukane and North Central College, this project showcases the potential of precast concrete construction, efficient scheduling, and environmentally responsible design. It not only serves as a hub for interdisciplinary education but also as a symbol of progress within the local community.


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