Proj Overview
Hollow core plank was specified for the structure from the 2nd floor through the 8th floor and roof. Hollow core plank provided an efficient structural system that could help accelerate the construction schedule. Considering the site is extremely tight and sits between two busy streets, hollow core plank was a perfect solution for a quick erection with limited space required. The hollow core plank was picked directly from the delivery flatbed truck using a tower crane and immediately placed on the structure. The 102,278 S/F of 8” hollowcore plank accounted for roughly 1,335 pieces, many of them left uncovered for a contemporary ceiling finish.


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Project Team

Architect: Bounds & Gillespie Architects

Engineer: Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers

Contractor: MB Kahn Construction

Owner: Parks Hospitality Group

Precaster: Coreslab Structures (ATLANTA)

Precast Specialty Engineer: Coreslab Structures (ATLANTA)

Key Project Attributes

  • Each hollow core floor was erected in approximately one week.
  • Minimal area needed for erecting – only access for delivery truck necessary.
  • Production and erection not affected by adverse weather events.

Project/Precast Scope

  • Homewood Suites by Hilton
  • 102,278 S/F
  • 1,335 pieces of 8” hollow core plank
  • Floors 2 through 8 and Roof