Proj Overview

The Riverwalk City Downtown Apartments is a multi-family residential project that was completed in late 2018. The five-story apartment building houses 152 market-rate dwelling units, 174 above and below grade enclosed parking stalls, associated common areas, and a second-floor deck and outdoor pool.

Precast concrete was the perfect choice for the project due to its ability to accommodate site logistics, overcome harsh winter construction conditions, and provide fire-resistant qualities.  The Molin Concrete Products Company sales and design team were involved early in the budget and bid process to ensure that the proper budget, precast concrete design, and schedule were included in the proposal for the owner and general contractor.

In total, Molin Concrete Products Company supplied nearly 74,000 square feet of hollow core plank and almost 3,100 square feet of solid slab plank for the project.  In addition, 4,349 square feet of non-insulated precast concrete wall panels, 2,933 lineal feet of prestressed concrete beams, and 1,828 lineal feet of precast concrete columns were produced by Molin for use in the project’s construction.


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Project Team


Momentum Design Group, LLC


Ericksen Roed & Associates


Weis Builders - Rochester


Molin Concrete Products Company

PCI Certified Erector

Molin Concrete Products Company

Key Project Attributes

  • Fire Separation
  • Speed of Construction
  • Underground Parking
  • Roof-top Pool (hollow core deck)
  • Winter Construction

Project/Precast Scope

  • 36,987 square feet of 8” hollow core plank
  • 36,822 square feet of 12” hollow core plank
  • 3,090 square feet of solid slab plank
  • 2,933 lineal feet of prestressed beams
  • 1,828 lineal feet of precast columns
  • 4,349 square feet of non-insulated precast wall panels