Proj Overview

This two-phase project incorporates 22,800 square feet of new construction with 23,800 square feet of renovations to create a hands-on learning environment for nursing, biology, and chemistry. The structure features nursing program lab spaces, renovated classrooms and faculty areas, hospital bed dockers, and simulation environments for realistic work experience.  In addition to the new building and remodeling of the east wing, Central Community College will also be adding a courtyard and walkway.

Coreslab Structures (OMAHA) Inc. manufactured 63 insulated wall panels for the first phase of the project.  The panels feature Endicott thin brick with a mix of 70% Iron Spot 46 and 30% Iron Spot 77 Velour.  The use of integrally colored precast concrete and thin brick enabled the project to adhere to standards set by the college to match other campus buildings. 

Coreslab Structures (OMAHA) Inc. also manufactured six monument sign pieces for the project.


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Project Team


Wilkins Architecture


Lange Structural Group


Hausmann Construction


Central Community College


Coreslab Structures (OMAHA) Inc.

Precast Specialty Engineer


Thin Brick Supplier

Endicott Thin Brick & Tile

Key Project Attributes

Precast panels have a partial picture frame band around the thin brick field.
Sawtooth building profile

Project/Precast Scope

13,514 square feet of precast concrete
Six monument sign pieces