Proj Overview

When Bristol Myers Squibb built new offices in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, it was part of a strategic plan to modernize workspaces, encourage collaboration and enhance productivity. The goal was to merge operations that were leased in nearby Plainsboro and West Windsor Townships. With the consolidation of employees at the new location, additional parking was necessary.

The new 222,600 SF parking structure accommodates approximately 700 cars on three elevated levels and features a roof system for future installation of a photovoltaic array.  The free standing precast concrete garage features cantilevered spandrels at the corners opposite the stair and elevator towers.  The exterior precast facade includes an elegant thin brick finish to align with the architectural expression of the corporate campus. 

Working with General Contractor Torcon, Inc., Dailey Precast put forth maximum effort to get the garage erected under an accelerated schedule to meet the critical need for on-site parking.  Precast fabrication started in April of 2018, at the same time as site work. The installation of the total precast structure was completed over a two month period with the first cars parking in the facility in early November 2018.  The collaborative effort allowed the project team to finish approximately one month ahead of schedule.

The new structure earned a Merit Award from the New Jersey Chapter of the American Concrete Institute in 2019 in the Parking Garage Category. Recognized for both form and function and speed, the precast was erected in just 39 working days.  Dailey Precast’s team started installation on July 6th of 2018 and was completed by the end of August.  A total of 599 pieces were assembled including columns, double-tees, slabs, inverted tee beams, light walls, beams, shear walls and wall panels, spandrels and precast stairs provided by Brayman Precast out of Pennsylvania.

Located just a few miles from Princeton University the global biopharmaceutical company offices reflect the historic Mercer County architectural style and the adjacent parking structure makes a positive first impression. The traditional brick spandrels are offset with glazing in the stair tower, bringing in natural light during the day and a beacon of light at night.

The well-lit facility offers passive security to pedestrians in the facility while the prominent egresses with high floor heights enhance the parking experience. Utilizing a total precast concrete system allowed for fewer trades on site and sped up the construction process. The precast system answered the need for additional parking while meeting the architectural requirements of the corporate campus.


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Project Team


Dailey Precast, Shaftsbury VT


Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Lawrenceville NJ


Desman Design Management, New York, NY


Desman Design Management, New York, NY


Torcon, Inc., Red Bank, NJ

Photo Credit:

Don Pearse Photographers, Inc.

Key Project Attributes

Precast Elements: total of 599 pieces of precast: 41 Columns, 298 Double Tees, 8 Slabs, 16 Inverted Tee Beams, 48 Light Walls, 4 Rectangular Beams, 97 Spandrel, 14 Stairs (Provided by Brayman Precast), 20 Shear Walls, 53 Wall Panels

Project/Precast Scope

Levels/Floors: Three levels / 222,600 SF