Proj Overview

The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Moody, Alabama is a Four (4 Story) hotel which was first designed as wood and then once we spoke to the Owner he decided to do Precast Hollowcore floor system. After further discussions with us and the owner he decided to make the entire hotel a precast structure.


The hotel went through several changes once the owner was shown the benefits of a Total Precast Hotel. The 4 story hotel consists of 54,525 square feet of 8” hollowcore planks, 6 wall girders, 5 rectangular beams, 20 columns, 60 Interior load bearing walls, 292 Exterior Insulated wall panels (some with form liners) and 24 stairs with landings. The project took 30 days from start to finish of setting 407 pieces and plank. The insulated wall panels were designed to assist with the noise and insulated value that the owner was looking for in his finished product.


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Project Team

Architect: Leonard Design

Engineer: Pugh Engineering Services

Contractor: Owner

Owner: Shri Akshar LLC

Precaster: Coreslab Structures (Atlanta), Inc.

Key Project Attributes

  • Quicker erection of planks and 407 Precast items versus other options
  • Less site disturbances
  • Quieter rooms

Project/Precast Scope

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  • 54,525 Square feet of 8” plank
  • 407 precast items (Wall panels, Columns, Beams, stairs and shafts)
  • 4 Stories