Proj Overview

In January of 2021, the Kansas 10th Judicial District opened the newly built Johnson County Courthouse. The seven-story, 140-foot-tall courthouse is approximately 320,000 square feet, includes 28 courtrooms, and has expandable space for six additional courtrooms to be added as needed.

Relatively early in the process, and after a thorough budgeting process, Enterprise Precast Concrete was brought on board to assist the county, architects and contractor to achieve the most optimal and efficient design. The all-weather construction capabilities of precast concrete installation allowed for a fast-track building process on this project.

Enterprise Precast Concrete manufactured 68,652 square feet of precast concrete cladding panels with a combination of sandblast and acid etch finishes. The primary buff colored precast façade is accented by a brown precast base. A gentle curve was applied to the West (street side) façade - adding interest to the large, monolithic structure.

Designed to USGBC LEED Gold with principles as delineated by the WELL Building Institute, the new courthouse will serve Johnson County for the next 75 years, accommodate the expected growth of 10,000 residents per year and fulfill the County’s goal to reduce energy by 30 percent.


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Project Team


Treanor HL and Fentress Architects


JCCC: Bob D Campbell and Assoc.

Contractor and PCI Certified Erector:

JE Dunn Construction


Johnson County, Kansas

Precaster and Precast Specialty Engineer:

Enterprise Precast Concrete

Image Credits:

Jacia Phillips | Arch Photo KC

Key Project Attributes

  • The courthouse is 7-story, 140' tall, and 320,000 square feet
  • Designed to USGBC LEED Gold standards
  • 28 courtrooms - with additional space to expand.

Project/Precast Scope

Total: 68,652 sf including 508 pieces: 

  • 8" Cladding Pieces: 290 pieces 
  • 8" Stair Tower Pieces: 60 pieces 
  • Tuck Under Pieces (at North Loading Dock): 9 pieces 
  • Precast Caps: 132 pieces 
  • Precast Stem Wall Pieces (at East Patio): 17 pieces