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Problem Solvers.

The problem faced by the design/construct team on this multi-story chemical processing facility was to design a robust building to support heavy uniform and concentrated loads (including two 1.2 million-pound silos), while allowing for numerous piping and equipment penetrations, and needing to be completed under an aggressive schedule and budget. Being within one hundred miles of Charleston, SC, the seismic requirements were also a significant challenge due to the discontinuity of lateral resisting elements from floor to floor. By utilizing 3D modeling software, Tindall was able to define how the applied forces would be resisted by the structure, thus allowing for the design of the discrete elements and the ability to create a total precast solution.

To meet the challenging design requirements, and to minimize risk of schedule overrun from the outset, the design and construction contractor opted to engage the Tindall team to collaborate on this seven-level structure with average floor heights of 24 feet. The precast structure was designed in tandem with the overall design, shortening the design portion of the schedule. More significantly, overall construction time was reduced as the precast components were fabricated while site and foundation work progressed. The project was completed in less time, with less expense than steel construction, while providing design flexibility to add substantial future loads and floor penetrations.


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Project Team


Lockwood Greene


Lockwood Greene


Lockwood Greene


Voridian Chemical 


Project/Precast Scope

  • Multi-story operational capability

  • Accommodates two 1-2 million lb. silos

  • Lateral resistance for category D seismic design

  • Provision for more than 400 penetrations up to 20ft diameter