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While Others Trot, Tindall Gallops.

Prior to 2014, the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) site was a swath of rolling, open fields and verdant forest. Since then, the center has blossomed into an international hub for the world’s best equestrian athletes. TIEC is essentially its own town, and it welcomes guests and athletes 365 days a year to watch, dine, shop, and ride. In short, it’s the perfect place to express one’s love for horses and the sport. Tindall began manufacturing and delivering the initial infrastructure piece for this project in early 2014, and it is expected that the project will continue to grow and evolve for several years.

TIEC is a unique?project due to challenges associated with the constant design changes. Involved since the beginning of this project, Tindall has provided nearly every underground item that the company manufactures for use in the infrastructure of the facility. This began with a 36’ span x 7’ rise arch culvert for use at the entrance to the site. Tindall then started on the storm drain, sanitary sewer, and water infrastructure, designing and manufacturing over 400 storm drain structures, 75 sewer manholes, and 12 grease traps/hair interceptors. Tindall also provided a 10- and 6-foot sanitary sewer lift station, plus numerous water meters and BFP vaults.


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Odom Engineering, PLLC 


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