Proj Overview
A four story dormitory was erected at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy to facilitate additional student housing. The resident housing project can hold up to 208 students, and contains four bath rooms and four common areas in addition to the dorm rooms. The total precast structure is composed of precast insulated wall panels, double tees, beams, columns, and stairs.
The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Village project features high performance, thermally efficient insulated precast wall panels. With colors developed to match existing campus structures, the wall panels function both structurally and aesthetically. The panels are produced with a commercial grade architectural mix containing a form liner ground level outcropping, and sandblasted finish, for a multi-textural finish. The dormitory’s precast wall panels are specifically designed to achieve high R-values and provide thermal mass to help regulate interior temperatures and reduce energy costs. A precast system was selected due to the quality, durability, and effective cost structure the system provides.


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Project Team


McCreary/Snow Architects


Chad Stewart & Associates 


Hendrick Construction, Inc.


South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy


Atlanta Structural Concrete Company 

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Total Precast Structure