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Seeing the population climb at Florida’s DOC northwest facility, officials triggered plans for more housing units. Fortunately, Tindall’s six-sided cell modules and total precast construction proved to be a more economical and faster construction solution than the state’s traditional method — concrete masonry units. Tindall converted the concrete block construction plans to precast, then used two plants to supply all cell modules and system components. The result was over 62,000 square feet of safe, secure housing completed faster and more economically than traditional methods.


Tindall expanded the existing Santa Rosa facility by manufacturing and erecting 360 new cells. Each double-cell module included two 92-square-foot cells with rear access. Tindall partnered with Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises (PRIDE) to factory-install inmate-fabricated metal bunks in each cell.

Tindall engineers developed a total precast solution that converted existing prototype concrete block constructions (CMU), saving both time and money during the project. Precast framing components included 336 exterior closure panels and interior wall panels, as well as 84 flat slabs for floors, ceilings, and walkways. Despite the scope of the project, Tindall was able to complete the erection in just two short months by utilizing two different plants.


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Project Team


Florida DOC, Tindall Corporation


Florida DOC, Tindall Corporation


Ajax Building Corporation


Florida DOC


Tindall Corporation


Project/Precast Scope

  • Total Precast Structure

  • 180 double cell modules

  • 420 precast walls and slabs

  • Environmental advantages, including sound absorption and fire resistance

  • 62,000-sq.-ft. housing construction