Proj Overview

Simplifying the Process.

Tindall’s Texas Division was the single source for design, fabrication, and erection of this complex precast concrete processing plant project. The new Sanderson Farms facility spans across 170,000 square feet and is capable of processing 1.25 million chickens each week at full capacity. This total precast concrete structure contains massive amounts of equipment, both inside and out, including double tees that support hanging conveyor belts and miles of piping.

The Perfect Turnkey Solution

As a food processing plant, this construction required remarkable insulation in order to control temperatures in different parts of the facility, from room temperature in the bathrooms and offices, to well below freezing in the processing areas. To achieve this, Tindall supplied 248 insulated precast concrete wall panels for use as exterior walls, which did not require additional insulation by the contractor. This decision helped save the customer both time and money.

Tindall was able to leverage the numerous advantages of precast concrete construction for this project, including durability, speed of construction, fire resistance, and the kind of clean, non-porous finishes needed for a food processing environment. No other construction material could have offered the sheer number of inherent advantages and capabilities that precast concrete was able to provide for this project.


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Project Team


Chas. N. Clark Associates Ltd.


Walter P. Moore and Associates


Vaughn Construction


Sanderson Farms, Inc.


Tindall Corporation


Project/Precast Scope

  • 170,000-sw.-ft.  total precast structure

  • Insulated for climate control

  • Complex included feed mill, hatcher, processing plant, and wastewater treatment plant

  • Utilized 248 insulated precast concrete wall panels