Proj Overview

Taking the “LEED” for Green Schools.

The usual demands of building a school — a tight budget and strict schedule — weren’t the only challenges of the Riverside High School project. The new school also needed to achieve LEED certification — one of the first in the country. Tindall’s precast concrete wall panel system, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and environmental benefits did more than add crucial points toward attaining LEED certification; it ensured significant savings on energy costs for the future.

Exceeding High Expectations

This two-story, 250,000-square-foot high school was constructed in just eight months — four months faster than scheduled. This was due to simultaneous foundation and manufacturing work, the erection speed of precast concrete, and on-time delivery of materials.

Despite the speed of construction, no detail was overlooked. The exterior features sandblasted precast concrete and inlaid brick that echoes the look of traditional schools, all while providing superior quality and low maintenance. The internal structure features columns, beams, and solid precast wall panels, while the exterior walls are composed of insulated precast concrete wall panels. These components work together to support the floor and roof construction of double tees and solid slabs. Additionally, Tindall created unique trapezoid classrooms with windows on two sides, ensuring more natural light, and the team utilized long free spans to provide an open, flexible interior space.


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Project Team


BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc.
Professional Engineering Associates


BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc.
Professional Engineering Associates


M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc.


Greenville County Schools


Project/Precast Scope

  • Total precast concrete superstructure

  • 2-story, 250,000-sq.-ft. high school

  • LEED certified

  • 1,688 individual precast pieces

  • Insulated and solid precast wall panels