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Tindall Delivers with Surgical Precision

In 2018, Spartanburg Regional Health Services began formulating plans for a 191,000-square-foot expansion for the Gibbs Cancer Center and Research Institute at Pelham. This new facility would greatly expand the existing hospital’s oncology and cancer rehabilitation services, bringing state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities to the Upstate. The trouble was, after reviewing the original project scope and design, it seemed that cast-in-place would not be the most ideal solution for the bridge connecting the two structures. That’s when Tindall was given the opportunity to show their team the possibilities of precast concrete.

Proving What’s Possible with Precast

One of the challenges with the original project scope was the need to cast Y-shaped columns on site for the structure’s pedestrian bridge. Creating these columns would have created significant site congestion at the hospital complex and had significant impacts on the project’s overall schedule. The Tindall team developed an alternative design that not only solved the immediate challenge of the cast-in-place columns but went above and beyond what the center’s team thought precast could do. This new design included precast versions of the Y-shaped columns, a total precast bridge, and architectural wall panels. This plan utilized 76,000 square feet of precast concrete to completely eliminate the need for cast-in-place elements.

By converting the pedestrian bridge into total precast and expanding the project scope to include architectural wall panels, Tindall provided a holistic solution that reduced costs, minimized site congestion, and provided a significantly faster erection schedule. The new design’s sandblasted precast wall panels also eliminated the need for the original field-laid brick building, further reducing the project’s schedule and budget. In the end, Tindall leveraged years of engineering expertise and research and development to deliver an alternative precast design that saved the customer time, reduced the overall budget, and helped bring the Gibbs Cancer Center to life


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Project Team

HDR Architecture & HDR Structural

HDR Architecture & HDR Structural

Vannoy Construction

Spartanburg Regional Health Services


Project/Precast Scope

  • 191,000 sq.-ft. structure

  • Featured unique architectural panels

  • Around 76,000 sq.-ft. of precast

  • Converted from cast-in-place design