Proj Overview

Rain or Shine, Tindall Delivers.

When Dollar Tree decided to create a new 1.5-million-square-foot distribution facility (equal in size to 31 football fields under one roof), Clancy & Theys stepped up as the building contractor for the job. When the project was announced, Tindall contacted the contractor to present their precast insulated wall panel solution for the job and was welcomed aboard.

Tindall Means Efficiency

To create the 336,206 square feet of insulated wall panels for this project, Tindall first needed to convert the design from site cast to precast. This decision saved the client considerable time and money. In fact, despite battling one of the rainiest seasons on record for the region, Tindall completed construction within the tight 40-day schedule by utilizing two installation crews.

Tindall went above and beyond in the creation of this thermally efficient wall system. The 8” and 9” precast insulated wall panels for this project had an R-value that exceeded the requirements of International Energy Conservation Code. These massive panels rose up to 50 feet in height and stretched out to 15 feet in width. They were also load bearing for the roof structure and acted as shear walls.


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Project Team

HBA Architecture & Interior Design

HBA Architecture & Interior Design

Clancy & Theys Construction Company

Dollar Tree


Project/Precast Scope

  • 1.5 Million-Sq.-Ft. Distribution Facility

  • 40-Day Erection Schedule

  • 336,206 Sq.-Ft. of Insulated Wall Panels

  • 580 Precast Panels – Up to 50 Ft. High and 15 Ft. Wide