Proj Overview


Employee training center will have more than 14,000 ft2 of outdoor training space that will simulate natural gas pipe construction and leak investigations, as well as overhead and underground electric distribution equipment. The facility is designed to provide dynamic and effective training simulations.

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Ultimately, the design went with precast concrete for its speed and economy as well as the ability to create architectural appeal on the exterior.


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Project Team


Newman Architecture


Johnson Wilbur Adams Inc.


Boldt Construction


Wisconsin Energy Group

Precast Concrete Producer


Key Project Attributes

  • Spancrete used its extruded casting system to make the 13½-in.-thick wall panels, which included 3 in. of polyisocyanurate rigid foam board insulation sandwiched between the two wythes of concrete.
  • Tall precast concrete walls enclose the wide, open indoor training space and enable the utility company to simulate real-world situations. The column-free space is tall enough for a bucket truck to operate, as well as for a catwalk where instructors can observe and communicate with employees during overhead exercises.
  • Light and heavy sandblast finishes were applied to the precast concrete panels, which used a mixture design with a blend of white cement and a buff-colored pigment to achieve the light brown color of the precast concrete panels.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 32,000-ft2 facility
  • 62 insulated wall panels totaling 18,000 sq ft
  • Typical panel is 43 ft high and 8 ft wide