Proj Overview

“Insulated precast panels were a natural choice because we were able to use them as structural components and as design elements meeting the 2015 IECC insulation requirements.  Since our client mainly served the agricultural industry, we used a combination of woodgrain barn board form liners to create a unique modern agricultural looking series of insulated vertical panels, spandrels and columns.  In addition to the woodgrain liners, we developed some custom patterns to mimic crossbuck barn door elements, as well as, casting in faux windows in large portions of wall where windows were not actually needed or wanted. In addition to the aesthetics beings very important, we needed a cost-effective solution for a building envelope that contained Corporate Offices, Engineering Offices, a Warehouse, and an Animal Centered Research Facility.” David Parker, CBS Squared Inc.

Project Overview

VES needed to construct a new 115,000-square-foot headquarters that would include a research center and provide office space. In all, the design was able to accommodate an increased number of employees, a location for research & development, and inventory logistics.

Precast Solution

The headquarters was designed with highly-efficient precast insulated concrete structural walls.

The building features a custom wood grain formliner designed specifically by the customer’s architecture desire.


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Project Team


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Key Project Attributes

  • 115,000-square-foot headquarters
  • Office Space
  • Research & Development Space
  • Inventory Space
VES known for designing Animal-Centered Environments that help improve animal health, wellbeing and productivity on dairy farms throughout the world.

Project/Precast Scope

  • 51,000 square feet of precast wall panels
  • 231 total precast panels
  • Precast elevator shaft walls
  • Exterior walls designed with load bearing insulated precast panels
  • Interior walls designed with solid precast panels
  • Custom wood grain formliner
  • Hollowcore mezzanine