Proj Overview

Project Overview

When a large airline provider was looking to construct a new central data center and consolidate their current global operations management capabilities, they hired real estate development manager Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) to start planning a structure built for strength and reliability. JLL, in term, hired the project participants to design and construct buildings with superb structural stability and with the capability to resist earthquake and EF4 tornado loading.

The resulting total precast project was composed of three separate structures: a generator building, the data hall and an administration complex. The generator and data hall buildings were on a short time table and needed to be completed quickly to house equipment scheduled to be shipped.

Precast Solution

Precast concrete components utilized for the structures include insulated wall panels with multiple architectural finishes, double tees, hollow-core plank, and precast beams and columns. The project is designed for future expansion.


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Project Team




Walter P. Moore 


Mortenson Construction 


Airline (confidential) 


Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) 



Key Project Attributes

  • Functional resiliency - adaptable design allows for future expansion   
  • Energy and operational efficiency – insulated precast panels offer low maintenance, high R-value    
  • Structural stability – EF4 tornado loading and earthquake resistant     
  • Blast resistance    
  • Achieved schedule and budget objectives
  • Rapid construction - two of the buildings had to be constructed on a condensed erection schedule; both were completed on schedule

Project/Precast Scope

  • 160,000 square feet precast double tees    
  • 96,000 square feet insulated precast wall panels     
  • Aesthetic appeal provided with multiple architectural finishes      
  • 6,800 square feet of precast beams and columns    
  • Hollow-core plank    
  • Precast components allowed for quick installation of  building infrastructure to help maintain construction schedule   
  • Built-in, continuous Unistrut® support frames on the bottom of the double tees support mechanical, electrical, fire protection, security and communications systems   
  • Precast erection completed within 9 months